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Phoenix Props, Shadowfoil Props, and Vaults of Valhalla



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Designed in partnership with Shadowfoil Props and Vaults of Valhalla and produced by us at Phoenix Props, this saber is a custom creation with etchers and powder coaters in mind. This saber can be used and displayed as is or fully customized to your hearts content, providing all surfaces that can be etched or powder coated with ease

Made from 6061 aluminium, and polished in a smooth gloss style to help minimize prop needed before custom work is done, or displayed/used exactly as it arrives. Comes with a blade plug, vented endcap with hidden vents and all hardware needed to assemble the saber in a nicely designed art box. No electronics included.

Features a one inch blade socket, a dedicated single switch solution (standard tactile switches not included), and built for a fully removable chassis (not included unless you purchase the option with a chassis)

As an add on you can order a chassis designed by Shadowfoil to ship with your saber directly. Just Select that you want the saber plus chassis in the options. This is just adding a specially designed and 3d printed chassis, but does not include electronics.

We are also offering a second emitter that allows you to turn this into a staff/doubled sided saber by removing the pommel and threading in a custom adapter and the second emitter and don’t forget the chassis for this staff version.

This is for an empty saber kit, no electronics are included! For installations you will need to engage an installer of your choice or do it yourself.

This is a PREORDER. We have produced and have on hand several prototype units which are used to ensure the production has the quality and mechanics that we require so there are no surprises  or issues along the way.

The preorder is limited to 100 pieces, so buy it now, as when they are sold out, they are gone.

Our preorder lead time is 90 days (mid May 2022 expected shipping).

Since this is a pre-order, we are unable to refund your deposits as they are used to guarantee the production of the unit and these numbers are already handed to the machinist. So please do not order unless you are able to follow through.

If you plan on Etching this, please follow the link here to get the premade templates. DOWNLOAD HERE



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