Here is where I keep a history of all of the sabers I have openly worked on and can talk about.

Kylo Ren V1 (2016)

With the release of The Force Awakens, I wanted to create this saber. It was my very first saber. This particular saber was painted by our partners at Artisan FX in the USA.

Kylo Ren V2 (2017)

In an effort to get more accurate and closer to the source prop compared to my V1 I wanted to make a V2. Since the release of the film had already come and we had much better photos and details of the original props, this design was done to be more accurate from size and details to the original hero prop. This particular saber was painted by our partners at Sanotized Creations.

Ben Solo, The Light (2018)

This saber was created using measurements based on the Prop Shop Kylo saber and modified to a Ben Solo saber as seen in a few seconds of The Last Jedi. Weathered photos are from ArtisanFX as well as Sanotized Creations.

Imperial Knight (2018)

This saber is  based on the Star Wars comic books. The saber is wielded by force sensitive warriors dubbed 'Imperial Knights.'

Starkiller, Ultimate Starkiller (2018)

This saber is based on the game 'The Force Unleashed' and one of the most revered Star Wars based game characters, Galen Marek, aka Starkiller.

Produced in partnership with 7 Chambers.

Photos and weathering done by Tom from The Proplicator

Ezra Bridger, Spectre 6 Gen1 (2019), Gen2 (2021)

This saber covers the character Ezra Bridger from his season one saber in the animated series Rebels. It was released in partnership with our friends at Watto's Junkyard

Luke Skywalker, Ultimate Hero (2019)

Luke Skywalker has several sabers in his time on screen, but none more iconic than the saber he makes for himself between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Dubbed the Hero saber, it has a very distinct aluminum, black and copper look with an ultra thin neck.

Produced in partnership with 7 Chambers.

The Sentinel Gen1 (2019), Gen2 (2022)

The Sentinel saber is a unique design that I was given permission to produce by the concept artist. Very beloved in the community, the design is simple on the surface but quickly becomes more intricate as you study it.

Weathering on this piece done by Khal of KR Sabers

Kylo Ren, Jedi Killer Gen1 (2020), Gen2 (2022)

Named the 'Jedi Killer' and completed in 2020, this saber is based on the book 'The Art of The Force Awakens.' In the book, there is a single photo of an early concept of the Kylo Ren saber.

I knew when I first saw this that I needed to make this saber. It's exquisitely detailed and very complicated to make and stay true to the concept art. A perfect fit for what I do.

This saber weathered by Kai of Watto's Junkyard.

Rey, Empress Regnant (2021)

We catch a brief view of what has been dubbed as Dark Rey in a potential future vision of the character in The Rise of Skywalker. This saber is basically two sabers combined with a special folding hinge. We also produced parts for every kit where people could separate the hinge and have 2 individual complete sabers.

Produced in partnership with SP Sabers

Grogu, The Child (2021)

A concept of what could be for Grogu in the future. Designed by Shadowfoil Props

Valkyrie (2022)

A custom saber created by myself, Shadowfoil Props and Vaults of Valhalla.

The Duel (2022)

Created after the concept art of Ralph McQuarrie of the epic battle between Deak Starkiller and Darth Vader as he envisioned the characters prior to A New Hope.

Mando Tanto (2022)

This small blade was seen in The Book of Boba Fett, when the Mandalorian is boarding the shuttle to Tattoine and must offload all of his weapons (S1E05, 26:30m).

Other Projects

Sifo Dyas - The Lost One - 5280 Concepts/Dagobah Swamp (2021)

Yoda (The Clone Wars Animated) - The Little One - 5280 Concepts/Dagobah Swamp  (2021)

Tiro - Saberproject Shop Gen1 (2019), Gen2 (2021)

Legatus - Saberproject Shop (2021)


Zephyr - Saberproject Shop (2021)


Menace - SithLordSabers (2021)