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Wattos Junkyard & Phoenix Props

Westar 34 Blaster

Westar 34 Blaster

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Designed by Wattos Junkyard and produced by Phoenix Props. 
These are the iconic blasters used by Jango in the prequels. 

This item is one single blaster

These do not come with the collectors box as these were extras produced beyond the normal production run. All parts are individually wrapped and protected during transit, and have been accounted for and are present. Please be aware these might have some very minor surface imperfections as is always possible in untreated and polished aluminum. 


Box Contents:

- unassembled Jango Fett Westar 34 Blaster

Electronics: The item does not include any electronics, a blade, nor components of the electronics install.

Chassis: A chassis is available separately through Wattos Junkyard, and other third party sellers.  A compatible chassis is not sold by Phoenix Props.

Assembly: The item comes unassembled.  See the assembly video here:

Disclaimer: Phoenix Props has no affiliation with Star Wars, Lucasfilm, or Disney.

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