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Tetsuyama - The Iron Mountain

Tetsuyama - The Iron Mountain

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Tetsuyama - The Iron Mountain is a custom design by our partner at Temple Forge Props

This is a concept saber which encompasses elegant but simple styling, evoking the feeling of the mighty Samurai and how they would easily fit into the Star Wars universe.

We are very proud to work with Temple Forge to bring you their first saber release.

The saber is fully CNC machined primarily of premium grade aluminum and brass.

The grip has a deep machined diamond pattern and the Tsuba and emitter shroud are unadorned but anodized. This means you can customize the design as you like. You can use a laser engraver to remove the anodizing and turn it into a visible art pattern or have the anodizing removed and do an etch and chemical darkening. What Samurai are you? Let it show through in your customization of this, or leave it as is in it's beautiful starting design.

Box Contents:

- Tetsuyama saber

Weathering/Etching: We are not offering any inhouse weathering or customization of this saber. We can ship it to someone of your choice to do this if you wish.

Electronics: The saber does not include any electronics, a blade, nor components of the electronics install. 

Chassis: Temple Forge sabers is offering a discount on the chassis for this saber at his ETSY shop. A code will be given to all early buyers upon preorder.

Assembly: The saber comes requiring minor assembly. This is as simple as threading down the tsuba and emitter. It is recommended that you check all of the components to ensure they are properly seated.

Conditions of Purchase:

1. This is a pre-order. You are committing to purchase a saber and there are no refunds. If you change your mind and don't want this saber, you must find another purchaser on your own.

2. We will communicate primarily through our facebook page Phoenix Props to give you status updates on the production.

3. Our current estimate for final customer shipping is mid Q1, 2024, and is subject to change as communicated at the facebook link above.


Disclaimer: Phoenix Props has no affiliation with Star Wars, Lucasfilm, or Disney.

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