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Phoenix Props and Shadowfoil Props



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Retribution is designed by Shadowfoil Props and Phoenix Props based on the inquisitor Third Sister, Reva, from the Kenobi TV series.
The Saber is able to separate into two individual sabers, each side with 1/6th of ring (as in the show when Vader splits the saber and gives it to Reva), plus the ability to use it as a full ring saber, half ring saber or no rings at all!
Separating the saber is fast to accomplish using magnets and a central screw mechanism without needing tools.
To help those who might not be interested in a full ring kit we offer a kit with only the half ring for a lower cost. Mechanically the sabers are the same. The half ring kit is simply missing the parts needed to go full ring, but still can be separated into two separate sabers.
Production completion and customer shipping is estimated by the middle of January.
You know why you wait for Phoenix Props and Shadowfoil releases because we are driven by quality, functionality and accuracy.
Sam and Derrek


  • CNC aluminum construction
  • Show accurate detailing without compromise
  • Limited edition, low production volume
  • Edition name plate
  • High quality packaging which can double as a transport box
  • All screws and tools needed to assemble the saber
  • Chassis and display stand available through the Shadowfoil website
  • Switching mechanics are built into the saber and all retention holes predrilled and threaded


  • Electronics, batteries, tactile switches, wiring, chassis or other items used to turn the saber into a fully FX installed saber.
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