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Phoenix Props and Watto's Junkyard



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Designed by Watto’s Junkyard and produced by Phoenix Props, this saber is the closest replica available from the Savage Oppress character from the TCW animated series. 

Made from 6061 aluminium, and polished in a matte style. Comes with copper heatsinks, blade plugs, rubber grips, steel D-rings, detail LEDs, and and all hardware needed to assemble the saber. 

Features a one inch blade socket, dedicated switching solution (standard tactile switches not included), and hidden sound venting under the grips.

This a full size double bladed replica saber and measures 70cm from claw tip to claw tip, and 58cm not counting the claws. It has an outer diameter of 4.4cm. 

As with all of our products, this is only am empty FX capable saber. There are no built in electronics. These come nearly ready to display after some small assembly. Installation with lights and sounds will require a chassis and other electronics parts which we do not supply.

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