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Phoenix Props and SP Sabers

Luke Hero

Luke Hero

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One of the most known sabers in the SW universe is the saber held by Luke during Episode 6. This replica of the saber is an exquisite example of the saber we've seen on screen.

The body is CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum.
Real copper neck and control box top.
Custom heatsink 'cup', made from 7071 Aluminum to reinforce the thin neck.
Built for a 1inch main blade.
29mm ID lower body, 1 inch ID ribbed section.
Correct, accurate features including LED arrow size and uneven ribs.

1 x Ultimate Hero hilt
1 x Accurate blade plug
1 x LED heatsink 'cup'
1 x Collectors box
1 x Vented pommel
1 x Unvented pommel
1 x Collectors name plaque

Designed by Lewis Petch and Phoenix Props

Saber is NOT installed and included 0 electronics. The saber can be installed with electronics but it does not come with it.

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