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Jedi Killer - Gen2

Jedi Killer - Gen2

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The Jedi Killer Gen2

Based on the concept art for the Antihero of EP7, 8 and 9, this saber envisions if he had a single bladed saber which was damaged extensively during his transition to the Dark Side.

We strived to replicate the artwork as closely as possible to stay true to the original vision of this saber. The design was originally (Gen1) done in cooperation with Watto's JunkYard. When it was time to go to Gen 2, naturally I brought Wattos' back in for some modifications and improvements to the mechanics and details. Then as an additional bonus I worked with Shadowfoil Props to design a brand new chamber and to work on the install and switching solutions. Between the three of us we now have what could be considered as one of the best offerings available: accuracy to the original art, fine detailing, quality materials, more install space, and better build mechanics.

The saber is fully CNC machined primarily of premium grade aluminum, with an upper chamber which is made from brass, steel and copper. Due to the construction of this saber, even though it looks delicate and detailed, it is very sturdy and can hold up to heavy dueling if that is your passion.

The red wire along the outside and clips for this wire come disassembled. A youtube video will be on our channel detailing how to attach these and we welcome any questions to help you via our email or facebook channels.

Box Contents:

- Jedi Killer Gen2 saber

- Removable crystal saber

- red wire, wire clips

- Hex wrench(es) for disassembly of the saber

Weathering: We are offering weathering, please select the option at checkout. 

Electronics: The saber does not include any electronics, a blade, nor components of the electronics install. If you want your saber installed, we are recommending you contact Solo Sabers to discuss installation options.

Chassis: A Chassis will be available separately, and at additional cost, at shipping time through Shadowfoil Props.

Assembly: The saber comes assembled, but there will be some components you must screw down or position properly to your liking.


Disclaimer: Phoenix Props has no affiliation with Star Wars, Lucasfilm, or Disney.

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