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Phoenix Props and SP Sabers

Empress Regnant Saber

Empress Regnant Saber

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This is the Empress Regnant brought to you by Phoenix Props and SP Sabers.

Each hilt is made from Aluminum, Steel, built to last and duel worthy.

Each set comes with: Saber (pre assembled), box, 2 endcaps (plus adapter neck) to use the saber without a hinge as a single set of sabers, and a set of hex tools to disassemble the saber.

We do not offer installed versions, please contact your preferred installer to organize this.

Chassis for DIY electronics installations can be found by contacting SP SABERS

You can purchase a clean version which comes in new condition, or a weathered version which comes  looking like it's been through some hard times, and come out the other side. Please note, each weathered version will vary slightly from the photos here as they are done individually, but the general idea is the same.

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