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Spectre6 Saber

Spectre6 Saber

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Phoenix Props Spectre6 fully FX capable laser sword replica from Season 1 of the animated series.

Faithfully replicated are all of the details from this iconic saber wielded by our hero. We spared no expense in the creation of this saber. All of the mechanics, screws and functions are integrated into the design without sacrificing accuracy.

Units are in hand and will ship from the US.

Saber comes ready to display if this is your final intention. electronics are not included, this is a empty DIY installable saber  

You will not find another replica of this saber this accurate, and to top it all off, this saber is 100% FX compatible and able to be installed by an installer of your choice. Chassis, switches and all electronics are not included in this sale and can be bought elsewhere. We can recommend/suggest some places to find these electronics, chassis and/or installers if you intend to make your saber active. 

 If you select a weathered version, please keep in mind weathering is a custom feature and is unique to each unit, not all of the weathering will be the same as the photos you see  here and the unit you receive. We have endeavored to ensure that weathered versions all have a distinguishing amount of weathering between the light, medium, and heavy versions. Weathering is permanent, but can be removed by sanding or polishing, and in some cases by handling of the unit.Repetitive contact with the weathering, when handling, may remove or distort the coloration.

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