06 - Flexible Mannequin

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These mannequins are fully flexible in the arms, fingers, legs and so on. Internally it is made up of PU foam and covered in a black cloth to remove the need for an additional expensive body suit.

They are supported on a base plate with a metal pole that is attached in the lower back. 

With these you can easily dress the mannequin due to the movable arms and legs and then pose it exactly as you like once dressed. In order for the internal wiring to hold an object without moving over time you will want to externally reinforce the arm with a bent coat hanger and tape it into place under the costume parts.

Some questions and answers:

Q: Is this stable enough to carry full TK armor and resin blaster WITHOUT the base plate and metal pole?
A: As long as the legs are straight and you have something securing it to the wall, yes. A TK is light weight. Holding the blaster can vary. When holding a blaster you may need to reinforce the arm with a bent metal rod and use clear/black tape to attach it to the mannequin to ensure it stays in place over time. The rod is easily hidden from view and the tape will not be seen under the armor.

Q: Is a metal skeleton integrated or what exactly provides the stability inside the body parts?
A: Correct, the flexibility comes from the flexible foam body and the wire skeleton underneath it.

Q: What is the height of the pure mannequin WITHOUT the base plate?
A: Pure mannequin, no base is 170cm for the female and 182cm for the male. 

Q: How are the 5 body parts connected to each other?
A: There is the head, torso/legs and 2 arms. The legs are permanently affixed to the torso and the arms detach at the shoulder from the torso.

Q: Do the fingers contain wires to the tips, so that an item can be held realistically?
A: Wires are through the entire finger all the way to the tip. I would suggest like supporting the arm, you use external wiring under the gloves to ensure a fixed position. The wire holds its position well but if you want to hold a heavy item, I would use the external wiring to ensure it holds tight.

Jim of www.tkproductsllc.net has graciously allowed me to use some of his photographs of the mannequins as well as the videos he made assembling the mannequin and dressing in a TK suit. If you are in the USA/Canada and interested in one of these mannequins, please get in touch with Jim via his website. He is very responsive and has a great set of products. I'm really happy to be able to work with him to bring his products to our European Troopers.



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